Pauline Shoemack is a lawyer who specialises in Family Law and Mediation in New Zealand and particularly covers the Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough regions.

Her work includes the following legal areas:


  • Family Law, Mediation

    Dispute settlement process run by a trained third-party mediator.

Relationship Property

  • Family Law, Relationship Property

    Ownership and division of property during relationships and after relationships end.


  • Family Law, Children

    Child care arrangements, child support, relocation and other guardianship disputes.


  • Family Law, Separation

    Legal rights and obligations after relationships end.

    Domestic violence.


  • Family Law, Incapacity

    Protecting people's property and affairs when they can no longer make decisions.

Death Claims

  • Family Law, Death Claims

    Where a family member has not been adequately provided for.